16 Oct

Hear about the guy who said that Canada’s east coast is a “culinary sad sack”? Yeah, well listen to this guy instead. Here’s Chris from Meat Mongers.

Getaway Farm & Butcher Shop Blog

I had the (mis)fortune of catching an interview with Jacob Richler on CBC Mainstreet on Friday, and while Stephanie Domet did an incredibly admirable job of challenging Mr. Richler’s opinions, in the end I was left with a heavy heart. The interview was in response to Mr. Richler’s comments in a recent interview with The Globe and Mail stating that the culinary scene in “The Maritimes is a culinary sad sack…”, which as you can well imagine got under my skin. Now, I am not going to bother responding to the foolish drivel that Mr. Richler was spewing on the radio, because to be perfectly honest he isn’t worth my time. Pretentious food critics have been the bane of many a hard working restauranteur, and while I am sure that there are things we can learn from professional criticizers, my concerns lie with the chefs, the eaters, and the producers…

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