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On Tree – Windsor

31 Jul

On Tree Adventure ParkThrough our travels, one of our ongoing goals has been to challenge ourselves.  For example, we both have a fear of heights (read: terrified of heights).  So when we heard about On Tree (@ontreepark), a new outdoor adventure park in Windsor, we were both hesitant (Gillian) and intrigued (Drew).  Located on the cross country ski portion of Martock, On Tree  has transformed the area into a maze of ziplines, Tarzan ropes and tightropes more than 20 feet in the air.  We have been hearing about it non-stop since it first opened in May. Continue reading


Guest Post – Magdalen Islands

24 Jul

I didn’t know les Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) existed until a few weeks before we set out to visit them. My friend Mike and I were in the same boat this summer: low on funds but wanting to explore a new place. Luckily we live in the Maritimes, surrounded by beautiful spots. He’d heard that les Îles make for a cheap, awesome trip.

There are two boat routes to get to les Îles: a cruise from Montreal, and a ferry from Souris, PEI. We spent the day in PEI, grabbed the 2:00am ferry, and woke up in les Îles. A friend drove us to the ferry.  There is no cab or public transportation in Souris so relying on the kindness of friends or strangers is your only option.

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Hitchhiking Across Canada part 3

17 Jul

Continued from Part 1 & Part 2.

In case you’re wondering, the Badlands are not some region out of a nuclear winter post-apocalyptic story.  It is an area of southern Alberta famous for its dinosaur fossils.  As an 8 year old, I went through that coming of age dinosaur obsession that all boys go through, so I was pretty eager to spend a night in the Badlands.

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Hitchhiking Across Canada part 2

13 Jul

Continued from Hitchhiking Across Canada.

From Sudbury, a couple uneventful rides (the scenery in northern Ontario and along Lake Superior  is incredible) got me to Sault-Ste. Marie.  I had to walk through town here, which was fine because there were some interesting things to see, like a wood statue of a white bison.  It was mid-afternoon when I got to the other side of town.  Looking at my map I saw that the next major centre was Thunder Bay, a good 4 hours away by car, so I figured who ever picked me up would be heading there.  What I didn’t know about was Wawa.

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Hitchhiking Across Canada

12 Jul

Though we intend to keep most of The Local Traveler NS focused on Nova Scotia and her neighbours to celebrate all the incredible things to do, see and eat right here, we are also interested in traveling a little further afield, as long as we try, as much as possible, to use the most sustainable means possible.  Before we met, Drew was already into backpacking, and wasn’t afraid to get on a road and stick his thumb out, so he embarked on a trip from coast to coast.  I’ll let him take it from here.

In the summer of 2007, I had two big events planned.  One was my brother’s wedding, in which I was the best man.  The other was to visit my university roommate who I hadn’t seen in about five years. At the time, he was living on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.  I knew after my brother’s wedding that I wouldn’t be able to afford the flight across the country, so my only recourse was to pack my backpack with my tent, head out to the highway and stick my thumb out.

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Scotia Sessions Wakeboarding – Nine Mile River

7 Jul

A few years ago, I hitched across Canada and ended up at a bachelor party at a cottage in Muskoka.  The fellas there were wakeboarding, so being a good sport I gave it a go.  I was a dismal failure (i.e. I couldn’t even stand on the board).  Naturally, I haven’t been too keen to get back on a wakeboard since then.  But when Gillian told me that Nova Scotia was home to a Cable WakeBoard park, I couldn’t resist trying a second go.

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