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Scotia Sessions Wakeboarding – Nine Mile River

7 Jul

A few years ago, I hitched across Canada and ended up at a bachelor party at a cottage in Muskoka.  The fellas there were wakeboarding, so being a good sport I gave it a go.  I was a dismal failure (i.e. I couldn’t even stand on the board).  Naturally, I haven’t been too keen to get back on a wakeboard since then.  But when Gillian told me that Nova Scotia was home to a Cable WakeBoard park, I couldn’t resist trying a second go.

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Mastodon Ridge – Stewiacke

19 Jun

I lived in Stewiacke East for almost two years, just down the road from Mastodon Ridge.  I passed by it regularly, and not once did I ever stop in to check it out.  I had always dismissed it as one of those silly roadside attractions that inspired the Tragically Hip tour.  I’m glad I stopped there to discover that there is so much more than a to-scale mastodon statue.

This is actually a pretty sweet road trip stop for the family.  They have a little something for everyone.  There’s an awesome mini-putt course, funny pictures cutout and ice cream for the kids (or for a date).  There’s even a replica Flintstones house and car for your inner kid.

A big emphasis has been placed on education. The outdoor exhibits have been set up to be something of a one-stop shop for things you’d want to learn about Nova Scotia.  Whether it’s info on Nova Scotian plant life, Bay of Fundy tides or Mi’kmaq creation stories, you’ll find some interesting tidbits here.  You’ll also be reminded, ad naseum, that you are standing at the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole.

Up close, the mastodon statue really is pretty cool. It is a life-size replica of a male Mastodon that was unearthed at the National Gypsum Quarry near Milford in 1991. The bones were studied by archeologists at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History (@ns_museum), and is believed to be about 79,000 years old!

In addition to the Mastodon statue, they also have a (somewhat unrelated) mascot to once again remind you that you are halfway between the Equator and the North pole. Since we are huge fans of polar bears, the last photo goes to this guy.