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Rockbottom Brew Pub

9 Aug

Local Beer - Rockbottom BreweryI make a habit of checking out restaurants that A. brew their own beer and B. offer sampler trays of said beer.  What the big beer brands have in marketing, microbreweries often make up for in devotion to well-crafted, flavourful beer.  Continue reading


Ratinaud Charcuterie – Halifax

7 Aug

Food from Ratinaud CharcuterieA few months back a good friend and fellow foodie brought over duck pate for my birthday.  I am not a fan of pate, but this was different.  It was savory, juicy, and full of flavour, the kind of food you find yourself thinking about weeks later. Continue reading

The Chowder Trail: Saege Bistro – Halifax

6 Aug

A good friend of ours recently relocated from Calgary to Halifax.  As a thank you for letting her crash on our couch for her last night as a non-homeowner, she offered to take us out for dinner. After narrowing down the list to veggie and gluten-free friendly establishments, and cross referencing with The Chowder Trail, we decided on Saege Bistro (@saegebistro).   Saege is located at Spring Garden and Summer between the busy university area and the busy Spring Garden shopping district, making it a comparatively quiet haven to socialize without being overwhelmed by a crowd.  This was my first time in Saege (Drew’s second), and I was immediately impressed with the décor. Continue reading

Boyd’s Seafood Galley – Cribbon’s Point Wharf

5 Aug

Boyles Restaurant - Cribbens PointLocated 10km north of Antigonish along Hwy 337, Boyd’s Seafood Gallery is a little off the beaten path.  There are very few roads in Nova Scotia that I haven’t traveled, but this scenic drive along Saint George’s Bay was one of them. Continue reading

The Chowder Trail: The Grand Banker & The Old Fish Factory

27 Jul

There have been some really brilliant things happening in the tourism industry in Nova Scotia recently.  From our NS wineries posts, readers will know that we’re big fans of the Winery Passport.  We’ve already visited ten of the twelve wineries featured, and after my mother’s guest post featuring Jost and trying Petite Rivière’s Tidal Bay, we’re eager to visit all twelve.

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The Five Fishermen – Halifax

23 Jul

Five Fisherman (@5fishermen) is a mandatory stop if you are a tourist in Halifax.  So it comes as no surprise that my first experience took place during a visit from Drew’s Scottish side of the family.

The building has a lot of history. It was originally built in 1817 as a school house. It was later taken over by Anna Leonowens, who turned the building into an art school (what would later move and come to be known as NSCAD).  It was later purchased by the Snows and became a mortuary, one that was used to house many of the victims of the Titanic and the Halifax Explosion.  This might partially explain some of the ghost stories that are commonplace at the Five Fishermen.

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Garden of Eat’n – Halifax

21 Jul

A few weeks ago we published our post on the #6 Quinpool bus route.  In this post, we discussed how it’s nearly impossible to cover everything on this fantastic Halifax street, so, we’ve visited one of the places we missed.

Garden of Eat’n, formerly 308 South, formerly Rock Island Bistro, and formerly Rock Island Cafe has obviously changed hands many times, so we considered it one of the cursed spots in the Halifax restaurant scene (similar to La Trinidade/Mix/Crown Diner).  Because of this, it could be easy to dismiss the place and figure it’s not worth visiting because it won’t be around long anyway.  However, the new establishment included two words on their sandwich board that appeals to the very core of all Nova Scotians, “Patio open.”  We found this impossible to resist. Continue reading

Union Street Cafe & The Wick Pub – Berwick

19 Jul

While visiting the Annapolis Valley, we met up with some of Drew’s (and now my) family for lunch at the Union Street Cafe (@unionstcafe).  Located in Berwick, this conjoined cafe and pub captures your attention from the moment you walk in.  The rooms are dimly lit (in a comfortable rather than creepy way).  The colour pallet is made of soft greens, deep purples and dark, dark wood.

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Guest Post: Sunrise Trail

18 Jul

Editor’s note: I’m often compared to my father, but clearly I got my interests in writing and exploring from my mother.  @GillianWesleyNS and I were very pleasantly surprised when my mother sent us this post.  Thanks Mum, looking forward to more guest posts from you!


It’s a beautiful Friday morning, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.  Best of all I am off work for a three day weekend.  A good day to enjoy some of our beautiful countryside.  Called my Mum and she was game to go.  The male half of the Local Traveler’s grandmother is 86 and always a good traveler herself as he can attest to, having traveled with her to France a number of years ago.  Maybe that is another story to be told.

Our destination is Tatamagouche.  A nice little trip up the Sunrise Trail in northeastern Nova Scotia along Highway 6.   I packed my little “aim and shoot” thinking I would be the FIRST  guest blogger – thanks Mike Finley, I should have written my blog earlier in the week but you had a great post. Continue reading

Le Caveau – Annapolis Valley

15 Jul

Le Caveau Restaurant - OutsideAfter touring nine wineries during our last Annapolis adventure, and recounting the story to friends and family, one of the most common questions we heard was, “Did you eat at Le Caveau?”  Even here on our blog, many readers were finding us through searches for Le Caveau.  So, naturally, on our recent trip back to Annapolis Valley, it was our first stop. Continue reading