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Roadside Willies – Truro

6 Jul

Both Drew and I, at various points in our pre-married life, have had a bad habit of discrediting Truro.  To be fair, Drew’s distaste for Truro was based solely on the fact that he’s from New Glasgow and there’s some kind of weird northern NS rivalry.  To be even more fair, my distaste was based solely on Drew’s distaste.  As we’ve recently been discovering, Truro has a lot to offer in both food and entertainment.

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Saltscapes Restaurant – Millbrook

15 Jun

On our way back from a work event in Truro, we had the pleasure of stopping in to Saltscapes (@saltscapes) for lunch.  Saltscapes was recommended to us by @JohSco on Twitter.  We had heard of the magazine and remembered when the spot in the Truro Power Centre off Hwy 102 used to be Mugsy McKeol’s but had never had the chance to visit the Saltscapes location.

It became quickly apparent that we had wandered into the brainchild of kindred spirits.  Saltscapes is very committed to supporting local in every way possible.  In the general store you will find Propeller sodas from Halifax, Covered Bridge chips from St. John, knick knacks and crafts from throughout the Maritimes and the finest collection of Maritime music we ever have seen.  The local products are displayed in what feels like a General Store circa 1800.

The restaurant shares the 1800s frontier feel. The space is filled with wood tables and chairs, stone fireplace and antiques that were discovered in basements and attics from around the Maritime provinces.  The only thing decor-wise that pulls you back into the 21st century is a wall covered in artwork by local artists.

Saltscapes’ dedication to supporting local is reinforced by their menu.  The entire wine list is comprised of Nova Scotian wines and the beer column lists Garrison and Propeller above all others.  In fact, Garrison even brews an exclusive ale for the restaurant called Saltscapes Suds.  We couldn’t resist trying it, and wish it were available in Halifax.  The meat, fish and vegetables are all locally sourced.

We had the burger and the fish and chips.  Most mains include a drink and two sides, with some pretty generous portions.  It was well worth the cost ($12 – $23 for most mains).  If you’re planning a trip here Monday to Wednesday, you can take advantage of their dinner and a movie deal.  However, we recommend pairing it with a visit to the Glooscap Heritage Centre.