The Chowder Trail: Saege Bistro – Halifax

6 Aug

A good friend of ours recently relocated from Calgary to Halifax.  As a thank you for letting her crash on our couch for her last night as a non-homeowner, she offered to take us out for dinner. After narrowing down the list to veggie and gluten-free friendly establishments, and cross referencing with The Chowder Trail, we decided on Saege Bistro (@saegebistro).   Saege is located at Spring Garden and Summer between the busy university area and the busy Spring Garden shopping district, making it a comparatively quiet haven to socialize without being overwhelmed by a crowd.  This was my first time in Saege (Drew’s second), and I was immediately impressed with the décor. Continue reading


Boyd’s Seafood Galley – Cribbon’s Point Wharf

5 Aug

Boyles Restaurant - Cribbens PointLocated 10km north of Antigonish along Hwy 337, Boyd’s Seafood Gallery is a little off the beaten path.  There are very few roads in Nova Scotia that I haven’t traveled, but this scenic drive along Saint George’s Bay was one of them. Continue reading

Lismore Farms – Tatamagouche

3 Aug

As regular Saturday morning Halifax Seaport Market shoppers we always jump at the chance to visit the vendors at home on their farm. We were able to do just that while on a trip through Tatamagouche recently.  After coming from the Tatamagouch market, we passed by Lismore Sheep Farm. Continue reading

Museum of Industry – Stellarton

1 Aug

Sampson TrainOne of the first questions I always ask when we arrive in a new town is “What do people do here?”. The industry of a place has come to fascinate me.  Industry, afterall, is often a key factor that contributes to the character and culture of an area. Continue reading

The Ovens – Riverport

1 Aug

A few weeks back, while touring Annapolis Valley, I came across a twitter photo of The Ovens.  Initially, I didn’t believe it was located in Nova Scotia.  It reminded me of pictures taken in the Mayan Riviera.   It was all turquoise waters flowing into waterfront caves.  Stunning.  So stunning that I tried to make Drew turn the car around from my beloved Annapolis Valley. Continue reading

The Local Traveler NS in the News

31 Jul

Our morning routine would not be complete without listening to CBC Information Morning.  So, you can imagine our excitement when Louise Renault emailed us about covering us on Info Morning.  Drew has been listening to Info Morning for years and we’ve attended their birthday celebrations, so he geeked out quite a bit when Don Connolly said his name on the radio.  You can find the link to the Local Traveler piece here.

On Tree – Windsor

31 Jul

On Tree Adventure ParkThrough our travels, one of our ongoing goals has been to challenge ourselves.  For example, we both have a fear of heights (read: terrified of heights).  So when we heard about On Tree (@ontreepark), a new outdoor adventure park in Windsor, we were both hesitant (Gillian) and intrigued (Drew).  Located on the cross country ski portion of Martock, On Tree  has transformed the area into a maze of ziplines, Tarzan ropes and tightropes more than 20 feet in the air.  We have been hearing about it non-stop since it first opened in May. Continue reading

Bus Route #20 – Herring Cove

30 Jul

Or:  The ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ Route

Similar to the #80 bus route, the #20 is a heavily used commuter route for people going to work on the peninsula, but maybe not so well used for heading in the opposite direction to do some exploring.  We even live along the route, and were surprised by some of the great finds we hadn’t known about.

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Ironworks – Lunenburg

28 Jul

For our wedding, our good friend Josh (@trinitygoldNS) gave us a bottle of Pear vodka from Ironworks (@Ironworks_NS).  What made the bottle really exceptional was that it wasn’t just pear-infused vodka, it had a full pear grown right into the bottle.  From then on I have been desperate to get to their distillery. Continue reading

The Chowder Trail: The Grand Banker & The Old Fish Factory

27 Jul

There have been some really brilliant things happening in the tourism industry in Nova Scotia recently.  From our NS wineries posts, readers will know that we’re big fans of the Winery Passport.  We’ve already visited ten of the twelve wineries featured, and after my mother’s guest post featuring Jost and trying Petite Rivière’s Tidal Bay, we’re eager to visit all twelve.

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