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My Holiday Wish

10 Dec



Local Holiday Gift Ideas: www.thelocaltravelerns.com/localwishlist

This holiday season, I set out on a goal to let more people know about the many many great gifts available from local stores and local producers in my province, Nova Scotia.  I wanted to make it easier for people to shop locally and bring attention to all of the great things our province has to offer.  I believe that supporting small local business is important.  I created the ‘Local Wishlist’ to encourage buying local in my province, but it is a message I feel is important on a more global scale as well.

To date, the list has exceeded my wildest expectations, with more than 5,000 views, local producers connecting to new retail opportunities (one as far as Toronto!), sales, media coverage, and most importantly, people talking on social media about local gifts they saw on the wishlist.

I am writing this note in hopes that you will help me get the word out even further. The list is doing well, but it’s my goal (or my holiday wish, perhaps) to share the local love even further.  I am writing to request your help spreading the ‘buy local’ message through the Local Wishlist.  I would love it if you took a minute to re-blog, email the URL to a friend, or share it on social media.

You can see the wishlist here: www.thelocaltravelerns.com/localwishlist

Thank you for your consideration, I hope you are all enjoying the days leading up to the holidays!

With love,